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YCP Parent Resources



Learn the Basics

Learn the basics of being an informed and supportive parent or guardian for your child and their peers 


Get your Questions Answered

Our Parent & Guardian FAQ hits the big and small questions you may have around the LGBTQ+ community and your child's sport


Spread the Word

Let us know how we can work with your group, team, office, league, on your inclusion efforts. We have a solution for your need!

Family Soccer

Parent & Guardian Resources

Parents & Guardians

You are the key to your child's experience in sport

Parents & Guardians are the first and most important influence in a child's sport experience, and we want you to have the most and best information on creating the right first and lasting positive impression in sport! Our resources are developed by sport parents, for sport parents; focused on getting you the best information to navigate a new world of sport and experience. Please reach out if you don't find your answer or need within our current resources.


Our Clients

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