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YCP Admin + Fan Resources



Learn the Basics

Learn the basics of being an informed and supportive fan for players and peers.


Get your Questions Answered

Our Allyship 101 FAQ hits the big and small questions you may have around the LGBTQ+ community and working effectively with LGBTQ+ identifying players and peers.


Spread the Word

Let us know how we can work with your group, team, office, league, on your inclusion efforts. We have a solution for your need!

Family Soccer

Admin & Fan Resources

Administrators & Fans

You are what makes sport happen.

Administrators and fans are what makes sports happen--you are what makes an event magical. You Can Play wants to ensure you have the best information on how to show up as your best self on game day--for the athletes you love and the fans you celebrate with. Our resources are developed by education professionals are focused on providing you the best information to navigate a new world of sporting experience. Please reach out if you don't find your answer or need within our current resources.


Our Clients

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