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Sports Inclusivity Training For Everyone

You Can Play's approach to engaging education provides materials from LGBTQ+ 101 to advanced concepts for all participants, and guides individuals to discover the spectrum of tolerance, to acceptance, to allyship, and to advocacy. Our custom offerings help ensure awareness in the athletics space so LGBTQ+ athletes have the ability to play as their authentic self. 

Our programs cover topics such as

  • navigating terminology

  • combatting homophobia

  • creating inclusive spaces

  • active listening

  • deep-dives into how to support players

  • inclusive leadership

...and much more! ​​

Earn You Can Play's
Inclusivity Certificate

Take our three-part education series to earn the most in-demand inclusion training and allyship skills in the athletics sector. 


After You Can Play Training


of learners said they learned a new inclusion tactic they could implement the same day


said they felt better prepared to have conversations with friends and family about LGBTQ+

terms and topics


said they felt equipped to intervene if they saw bigoted behavior or displays of homophobia

Soccer Stadium

   Education Services   

We provide all our programs in a variety of formats, so everyone can access our materials. 

Online Courses

Explore our education programs, learn at your own pace, earn badges and certificates.


Review our wide collection of resources to increase your inclusion efforts and optimize your team discussions.

Live Events

We work with partners to run live and in-person workshops. Fill out the form below to learn more.

Programs for Every Audience

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Check out our wide variety of FREE RESOURCES!

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