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You Can Play + Sports Policy

Policy Consultation + Development

The process of developing policy for trans and non-binary athletes is the most important
step to ensure voices are heard and comprehensive policy is implemented. This process is
done in partnership between You Can Play's specialists and sport organization leadership. The outcome will be a ready to implement policy, with the caveat that it
needs to be evaluated on a regular basis to ensure it is inclusive, fit for purpose and
considering the latest information available.

Rugby Stadium

Our Policy Consultation Process


Policy Review +
Information Gathering:

We review what is in place now, any guiding rules that have been made or used, and 'interview'
section stakeholders and leadership to gain understanding of any challenges, opportunities or
issues. This begins the process of drafting statements, questions and initial policy for consideration.


Community + Stakeholder Feedback

We work with specific communities to gather feedback and information, while also opening the doors for public input on the policy and initial information. This initial feedback process will include 'like sport' policies for consideration. Feedback process stays open throughout our work, and the community is involved through public town hall(s).


Policy Drafting + Finalization

Policy drafting will require some repeating of the above steps for feedback and specific questions tocertain stakeholder groups, and also 'testing' hypothetical individuals through the process tohighlight issues or unforeseen circumstances. It is You Can Play's goal to have a policy developedthat is inclusive, appropriate and fit for purpose for the section's needs, while allowing for humandecision making for individual circumstance and nuance.

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