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Support You Can Play
Donate to Inclusive Sport today!

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Raising Money,
Making Change!

We need your help to make the positive and lasting change in sport, ensuring every participant is welcome and included.  Your support in raising needed dollars directly increases our capacity to do this vital work.


how you can help You Can Play meet its goals

Reach out to Mandy Cronin today to discuss how we can work with you, your team, league or organization!

Use Your Network

Your friends and family are a great place to support what you care about, and we love that you care about inclusive sport! Use your socials to make it happen!

Host a Team Event

Getting your team or league involved is a great way to host a fun event and bring awareness to the cause of inclusive sport

Get Your Company On Board

Does your company do a matching program for donations? Or give to good causes like ours? We can help make this happen, just reach out!

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