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You Can Play's New Website Launch

Updated: Feb 20

Empowering Equality in Sports: You Can Play's New Website Takes Center Stage

At You Can Play, we are passionate advocates for equality in sports, and we are excited to share some inspiring news. You Can Play, an organization dedicated to promoting inclusivity and LGBTQ+ acceptance in the sports world, has launched a brand new website that comes packed with a host of exciting additions. Let's dive into what's new and why it's a game-changer for the sports community.

The revamped website is a reflection of You Can Play's commitment to advancing its mission. It now offers a more accessible and engaging platform for athletes, coaches, teams, and organizations to access essential resources, education, and support.

Key Additions to the Website

  1. Added Resources: You can now have You Can Play’s team of subject matter experts in the palm of your hand–whether you’re a coach looking for ways to support an athlete coming out or a parent with questions about supporting LGBTQ+ youth. Explore our one pagers, FAQs, discussion guides, and more!

  2. Online Classes: You Can Play's new Learning Management System (LMS) classes empower individuals with in-depth knowledge and training on LGBTQ+ inclusion in sports. These classes are a valuable resource for anyone seeking to create a more inclusive sports environment.

  3. Partnership Opportunities: The new website also showcases partnership opportunities for organizations that share You Can Play's vision of a more inclusive world in the athletic sector. These partnerships provide a chance to collaborate and make a tangible impact.

  4. Ambassador Program: The introduction of an ambassador program invites passionate individuals to become advocates for LGBTQ+ inclusion in sports. This program provides a platform for like-minded individuals to join forces and drive positive change–with exclusive content, bonus materials, and engagement opportunities for all!

Get Involved

You Can Play's commitment to inclusivity is not just about changing attitudes; it's about transforming the culture of sports. By providing these new resources, education, and partnership opportunities, You Can Play empowers individuals and organizations to take tangible steps toward a more inclusive sports community.

We encourage everyone, from athletes to coaches, fans to organizations, to explore the new You Can Play website. Whether you're looking to expand your knowledge through LMS classes, become an ambassador for change, or explore partnership opportunities, there's a way for you to get involved in this inspiring movement.

It is our hope that by updating You Can Play’s online presence, we can continue making strides towards sports being a place where everyone can thrive, regardless of their background or identity. Together, we can create a brighter and more inclusive future for all athletes, and we're excited to see how this new platform drives positive change in the sports world.

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