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Ambassador Spotlight: Syd Bard

We love connecting with our Ambassadors!

This month, we're highlighting Syd Bard, a pro PWHL hockey player.

Syd Bard is a professional hockey player renowned for their skill on the ice and their impactful advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights in sports. As an openly LGBTQ+ athlete, Bard has broken barriers and fostered inclusivity within the hockey community. Their efforts include promoting awareness, supporting fellow LGBTQ+ athletes, and collaborating with organizations to create safe and accepting environments in sports. Bard's advocacy work extends beyond the rink, influencing policies and attitudes towards diversity and acceptance. Through their dedication and leadership, Syd Bard has become a pivotal figure in advancing LGBTQ+ visibility and equality in the world of sports.

Check out why Syd felt impelled to be a You Can Play Inclusion Ambassador:

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