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We are Inclusive Sport

We work with partners, sports, leagues, teams and individuals to ensure belonging at every level of the game.

You Can Play Partners

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11 years in, and just getting started!

We turned the big 10 in 2022 and are excited for the next 10 years of work, progress, friendships, partnerships, advocacy and allyship. We have only increased our reach and focus on our goal of inclusive sport, and we will not be stopped!

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Our Approach

You Can Play works through our amazing partners to make deep and lasting change in sport. We forge strong, strategic partnerships with professional and amateur sports, national and community sport organizations, youth and school sports, universities and corporations, and passionate athletes and individuals to help each one to become the strongest ally voice they can be. Our partner's voice within their community has the best chance to make positive change that welcomes the LGBTQ+ community to sport and ensures they are safe and judged only on their talent or interest in the sport, and not their sexuality or gender identity. We do this through bespoke programs developed with each partner, for their specific needs and opportunities. 


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It takes amazing people like you to change the game.

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